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Unlock Your Potential & Power – Become a Certified Enneagram Coach

Step into the World of Self-Discovery and Transformation with Our Premier Online Certification

Are you captivated by the intricate tapestry of human nature? Do you aspire to empower others in their journey towards self-awareness and personal growth? Our Certified Enneagram Coach online course welcomes you to the profound wisdom of the Enneagram – an ancient yet ever-relevant system that maps the human psyche into nine distinct types.

Crafted by Experts – A Curriculum Unlike Any Other

Leveraging years of expertise in the realm of personal development and psychological insights, we’ve curated a course that’s both deep in wisdom and practical in application. Our 10 advanced modules guide you through the essentials to the complexities of the Enneagram, equipping you with the knowledge to facilitate transformative coaching sessions.

Elevate From Learner to Master with Ease

Your journey begins with laying a solid foundation – understanding the Enneagram system, its origins, and its profound impact. Progress through stages of self-exploration, technique mastery, and learn to navigate the ethical considerations of coaching. Master the art of tailored coaching strategies that resonate deeply and foster extraordinary personal development.

Transform Lives & Fulfill Your Purpose – A Noble Calling

As a Certified Enneagram Coach, you step into a role much larger than a profession; you become a catalyst for change. You’ll guide individuals towards profound self-awareness, facilitate breakthroughs, and unlock a deeper understanding of their relationships and life paths. With our certification, you affirm your expertise and dedication to facilitating growth with integrity and sensitivity.

Your Investment in Professional Mastery – A Stepping Stone to Excellence

Choosing this course is an investment in becoming an authority on the Enneagram, marking your commitment to excellence in the coaching field. Upon completion, you’ll be certified to use the Enneagram in your practice, recognized for your skillful guidance and ethical professionalism.

The Time is Now – Answer the Call to Greater Service

Embark on the transformative path that lies before you. Join a distinguished community on a mission to enlighten, heal, and elevate human consciousness. Enroll today in our Certified Enneagram Coach online course and transition from passion to professional acuity.

Begin this transformative journey today. Your future as a Certified Enneagram Coach starts now. Embrace your destiny – the moment is here.

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Is this course a good investment?

Whether it’s for personal pleasure or professional development, this online course will cater to your desire to learn.

By obtaining an online certification, you can validate your existing knowledge and the skills acquired through this course.

It will instill confidence in your current and potential clients, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Today, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a unique promotion, allowing you to get this course for only $97.

Depending on the country, you can sell your services anywhere between $49 and $147, meaning you’ll only need to secure one sale to make a return on your investment!

A comprehensive training accessible immediately.

✅ An online course that fits your schedule.
✅ Certification training.
✅ Accessible worldwide.
✅ Lifetime access.
✅ Available on mobile, computer, and tablet.
✅ Customer service available 24/7.
✅ 30 day money back guarantee.
✅ Course Accessible to Everyon

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Embrace Tranquility with Our Risk-Free Trial

Recognizing the depth of dedication involved, it’s vital for the experience to align with your innermost values and essence.

To ensure your comfort and satisfaction, we extend a 30-day satisfaction promise. Immerse yourself in the teachings, absorb the insights offered, and should you feel the experience doesn’t serve your personal quest, rest assured you’re entitled to a complete reimbursement.

Your serenity and contentment are of paramount importance to us, and should your path lead elsewhere, we respect your direction.

Become a Enneagram Coach today, and get 3 essential bonuses to growth your business for only $97


Frequently asked questions

Yes! Completing this training program will grant you a certificate of completion, which can help you in practicing or enhancing your skills. It is important to note that we offer many programs in various countries. The certificate provides proof of training that is valid according to the regulations of your country.
You will have immediate access to the training platform once your purchase is completed. You will also immediately receive an email with your login credentials along with an access link.
Absolutely, our courses are structured to cater to individuals at any level, from novices to experienced practitioners. They provide an opportunity to either deepen your existing knowledge or embark on a new career path. We ensure the coursework is presented in clear, understandable language, with all techniques thoroughly elucidated.
Should you misplace your login credentials, there’s no need for concern. Simply reach out to our support team at [email protected], and we’ll provide the necessary assistance to recover your login information. To prevent any inconvenience, we strongly recommend noting down your login details immediately upon receipt.
Our e-learning courses grant you lifetime access to the training materials, allowing you to begin at your convenience and proceed at your own pace—there’s no deadline for course completion. While each module may vary in complexity, generally, we suggest dedicating anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours to thoroughly engage with each section’s content.

Indeed, you are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of confirmation of your payment. During this period, if you find that the course does not meet your expectations, you can cancel your enrollment and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Naturally, if you have completed the course and received the certificate, it is understandable that this guarantee does not apply.

For more information, please consult the “Terms of Sale” page.

Each module of our course concludes with an optional quiz, which we advise completing as it helps you gear up for the final test. The culmination of the course is a final assessment comprised of multiple-choice questions. A score of 80% or higher is required to pass. Should you not achieve this threshold, you’ll be given the chance to retake the test. Successful completion allows you to directly print out your certificate online.
The materials for our courses include PDF files and audio content that you can download and access via your login credentials. Feel free to download and revisit these resources as often as you need.
There’s no need for any travel, as our entire curriculum is delivered digitally. With your login credentials, you can access course materials and study aids on any device, including computers, tablets, or smartphones. You can engage with the courses from any location, provided you have access to the internet.

NOTE: It is important to understand that just because our training center is registered with various international accrediting bodies (IPHM AND CMA) does not mean that every training course is accredited. If you have a specific question about one of our training courses, please contact us to obtain all the information about that course.

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Jean-François Hoarau
Jean-François Hoarau
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Very educational resources. Simple and lifetime access. Very reasonable prices and relevant content.
Anick Lambert
Anick Lambert
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I highly recommend their courses. They are very interesting and comprehensive. It's very well done!
Laurence Theulaz-Rasconi
Laurence Theulaz-Rasconi
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The course materials are very well made and especially very thorough. Beautiful presentation.
Nenette Annie
Nenette Annie
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I recommend their courses and services, which are clear and accessible to everyone. I advise you to take an interest in them and to enroll. I am studying yoga and am really satisfied. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Carol Liegeois
Carol Liegeois
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Very good pedagogy with presentations in modules accompanied by summary questionnaires, affordable pricing, completion at our own pace, interesting subjects. I am actually taking several courses and I recommend them to you - you will not regret it. Easy reading, easy understanding, a variety of subjects, and a final exam with a certificate.
Romane Veria
Romane Veria
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Very good availability of the facilitators in this training.
Muriel Astrol
Muriel Astrol
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Hello, I am a working mother of three, and I have enrolled in three courses. I am very surprised by how easy it is to understand and assimilate the content, which is also very affordable. The courses are very well made and suitable for everyone. What I appreciate is that we are not limited by time; everyone can follow at their own pace. I highly recommend taking their courses. Thank you very much to the entire team.
James Colia
James Colia
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I really appreciate both the substance and the form of the trainings. It is perfectly clear and relevant.
Sandy Facchinetti
Sandy Facchinetti
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The training is of good quality, very well structured, and the support material is very well crafted.